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Сервис накрутки в TIK TOK переехал на новый домен SMMJUMP.RU

Подписчики от 8 ми  рублей за 100, Просмотры от 2 х рублей за 100 


In order to get a free cheat, you need to complete ALL tasks.


Cheat and promotion in TIK TOK


The Tik Tok service is rapidly gaining momentum. The platform is intended for people of any age and status, both for schoolchildren and for large brands. This is such a social network in which short videos are posted, you can put likes and, of course, subscribers. In the app you can  promote your other pages on the Internet VK, Instagram, YouTube. 
Why cheat
The principle is simple, your popularity is related to the number of subscribers, as well as likes. More from the correct placement of hashtags.
  Of course, you can use free promotion methods, but this is a painstaking job. Our service offers  high-quality and fast promotion online. 
Subscriber hack
  is designed to quickly attract new users, thereby increasing the possibility of getting into the top. 
The boost of likes will also affect the progress of your video in a good way. After all, if you have only 5 likes per thousand followers, it will raise doubts about the quality of your content.
Cheat views with likes is an effective method for promotion.
We have collected for
  only verified accounts for further work with you. Only live accounts that will perform the assigned tasks. Guarantee and quality, as well as the speed of work performed. 
There will be a discount for complex promotion, please contact our manager on this issue.

TikTok promotion: Your popularity is in our hands


Tik Tok account promotion is determined by a large number of factors. In most cases, this is influenced by your photos and the quality of the content. How photogenic you are, most of the circumstances under which the photos were taken, and the quality  image processing determine your ranking. Important! In order to interest many users in your person, you need a high-quality cheat. It will help propel you into the feed and give you an initial push.

The main criteria of TikTok

Tik TOK social network is built on short videos, likes and comments to them. The better and more reactions to your video, the more popular your account. Did you know about it? This is logical. In this regard, the main directions for promoting the TIK TOK page are to improve  indicators presented above




The service for online promotion is cool, I am a blogger, for the first time I meet such a fast service for promoting TIK TOK channels

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