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BTL agency services

We are leaders in the BTL services market

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Share promoters

We will provide experienced promotional staff tailored to your requirements for the effective promotion of your products.


Development and implementation

BTL shares

We will organize a BTL campaign to stimulate sales growth, popularize your brand and increase the loyalty of your target audience.


Merchandising Services

We will find out why your product is not selling well and develop a set of measures to increase demand for products and services.


promotional materials

We will produce high quality promotional materials in the right time frame.

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Model catalog

Over 300 portfolios of professional models with different characteristics to work at your event.



We will provide professional tasters with medical books and organize a turnkey promotion for the presentation of your products.

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Promo models for the exhibition

Professional models will draw attention to the stand and tell the guests of the exhibition about the merits of your company


promotional staff  

to the exhibition

Our sociable promoters will easily find a common language with your clients at the exhibition.

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Distribution of leaflets

We will select experienced promoters and organize prompt printing of flyers of any circulation to advertise your products.

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Mystery shopper

Professional Mystery Shoppers will conduct an anonymous quality check of your company's employees.

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Gift with purchase  


We will increase consumer loyalty and attract new customers with the help of the "Gift for Purchase" promo.



We will carry out a comprehensive organization of surveys, including the preparation of questionnaires and the processing of personal data.

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Promoters in life-size puppets

We will select active promoters to work in life-size puppets for your promotional campaign.

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Promoter - consultant

Our consultants with excellent communication skills will tell consumers about the benefits of your products.

Стимулирование продаж.png

Sales promotion

We organize promotions aimed at stimulating the growth of sales of your products.

Продвижение товара.png

Product promotion

We will develop a special program of events to promote your company's products at points of sale.

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EVENT services

We organize large-scale EVENT-events on a turnkey basis from script writing to reporting.

Открытие магазина.png

Store opening

We will organize a turnkey event in honor of the opening of your store.


The success of any business primarily depends on advertising. The most effective advertising tool experts today call the organization of various events, including exhibitions and promotions.

For everything to be successful, you need a properly selected promotional staff, consisting of:

  • promoters;

  • leading;

  • translators;

  • models for work at stands;

  • consultants;

  • registrars;

  • cloakroom attendants;

  • animators;

  • musicians;

  • parking attendants;

  • and etc.

We will undertake the selection of promotional personnel in accordance with the tasks required by the client. All our models, girls and boys, not only have a good appearance, but are also characterized by appropriate personal qualities: the ability to correctly present information and professional communication skills.

An event of any scale, thanks to the excellent preparation and professionalism of our models, brings a high-quality result.


At the service of customers in the Mos Reklama agency, an extensive database of promotional personnel is offered, which is able to turn any event into a spectacular and spectacular event. We carefully approach the selection of candidates, because the Moscow market is especially demanding on applicants. Each of them has the appropriate skills, experience, manners, speaks one or more foreign languages. This gives us the opportunity to implement advertising campaigns of any complexity and level. We guarantee that suitable personnel for promotions will be found in the shortest possible time.

Long gone are the days when any person, as they say, from the street could get into the number of promotional personnel. Today, self-respecting advertising agencies are approaching this issue from a professional standpoint. In particular, everyone who applies for such a job goes through a rigorous selection, during which, first of all, the personal qualities of applicants are taken into account. So, special attention is paid to their ability to gain confidence in a stranger, and convince him that he just needs to purchase this product or use the service offered. Appearance also plays an important role in the successful work of promotional personnel, as people are usually more willing to communicate with charming young boys and girls, whose attractive appearance contributes to the formation of a positive image of the company they are promoting at the moment.

Without fail, when selecting models, we take into account all the requirements and criteria set by the customer. Promotional personnel that can be ordered in our agency: promoters, promotional models, extras, animators, supervisors, consultants, tasters, models for work at exhibitions, stand attendants.

We can offer staff for the usual distribution of leaflets, as well as professional stand attendants or models and animators to work at exhibitions and conduct creative programs.

Another service "Mos advertising" - promoters urgently. We will solve any of your problems related to the dishonesty of the contractor and other things as a matter of urgency, and you will not have to worry about the timely and high-quality promotion. In our extensive database, there will always be suitable candidates that meet your requirements.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the advertising promoters, whose duties include the distribution of promotional and promotional materials. Particularly stringent requirements are imposed on these people: communication skills and productivity, achievement of goals and advertising goals.

Before placing an order, you can also get acquainted with the portfolio of advertising projects already completed by us. Perhaps there you will find interesting ideas that you want to apply in the advertising campaign of your products or services.

Call and order our promo staff for any type of promotions. We treat our clients with great respect and do our best to satisfy their requests in the best possible way and, to the best of our ability, contribute to the prosperity of their business.

Any personnel that meets the described requirements is at your service at the Mos Reklama agency

Our company builds transparent and trusting relationships with customers and partners, so many of them cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. In this case, they enjoy many benefits, including discounts on our services. The Mos Reklama agency is proud of its impeccable reputation and its employees and management do everything to make the client satisfied with the quality of the services provided. By contacting us, you can make sure that the marketing strategies we have developed are really working and always give an excellent effect!


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