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BTL agency services

We are leaders in the BTL services market

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Share promoters

We will provide experienced promotional staff tailored to your requirements for the effective promotion of your products.


Development and implementation

BTL shares

We will organize a BTL campaign to stimulate sales growth, popularize your brand and increase the loyalty of your target audience.


Merchandising Services

We will find out why your product is not selling well and develop a set of measures to increase demand for products and services.


promotional materials

We will produce high quality promotional materials in the right time frame.

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Model catalog

Over 300 portfolios of professional models with different characteristics to work at your event.



We will provide professional tasters with medical books and organize a turnkey promotion for the presentation of your products.

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Promo models for the exhibition

Professional models will draw attention to the stand and tell the guests of the exhibition about the merits of your company


promotional staff  

to the exhibition

Our sociable promoters will easily find a common language with your clients at the exhibition.

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Distribution of leaflets

We will select experienced promoters and organize prompt printing of flyers of any circulation to advertise your products.

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Mystery shopper

Professional Mystery Shoppers will conduct an anonymous quality check of your company's employees.

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Gift with purchase  


We will increase consumer loyalty and attract new customers with the help of the "Gift for Purchase" promo.



We will carry out a comprehensive organization of surveys, including the preparation of questionnaires and the processing of personal data.

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Promoters in life-size puppets

We will select active promoters to work in life-size puppets for your promotional campaign.

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Promoter - consultant

Our consultants with excellent communication skills will tell consumers about the benefits of your products.

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