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реклама на первом.png

Advertising on the ground

реклама на Россия 1.png

Advertising on Russia 1

реклама на нтв.png

Advertising on NTV

реклама на твц.png

Advertising on TVC

реклама на стс.png

Advertising on STS

реклама на рен тв.png

Advertising on REN TV

реклама на ТНТ.png

Advertising on TNT

реклама на домашнем.png

Advertising on HOME

реклама на 2Х2.png

Advertising on

channel 2x2

реклама на телеканале звезда.png

Advertising on the channel ZVEZDA

реклама на тв 3.png

Advertising on TV 3

реклама на 5 канале.png

Advertising on the FIFTH

реклама на канале Ю.png

Advertising on channel Yu

реклама на dysney.png

Advertising on Disney Channel

реклама на канале мир.png

Advertising on the MIR channel

реклама на Россия 24.png

Advertising on RUSSIA 24

реклама на москва 24.png

Advertising on the channel Moscow 24

реклама на Discovery.png

Advertising on Discovery

реклама на RU TV.png

Advertising on RU TV

реклама на канале РБК.png

Advertising on the RBC channel

реклама на перце.png

Ads on the channel PEPPER

реклама на euronews.png

Advertising on the EURONEWS channel

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In order for advertising on television to have a good effect, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • First, formulate the goal of the advertising campaign

  • Bright and colorful illustration. About 70% of people perceive information visually.

  • Try to write the text in a simpler and more understandable way. It has been proven that such text is better remembered. 25% of people perceive information by ear.

  • Focus on the advertised product, service or business in the first 4-5 seconds

  • Try to provide a turnkey solution for your customers. Most people do not like to think, they want to solve their problems here and now.

  • Strive for recognition of your brand/company. Be creative. The commercial and all the elements in it should be associated with you in the future.



  • Advertising "direct type". These are voiced videos that are broadcast in pauses;

  • Sponsored advertising. Information about the sponsoring company is given in a running line / a logo is placed (for example, on the studio's shield behind the presenter's back) / the brand is repeatedly mentioned during the program;

  • product placement. The use of products or services directly in a program or film (often referred to as hidden advertising);

  • TV screensavers. A still image without sound that appears for a short time;

  • Report/interview;

  • Self transfer (VIP product).

The possibilities of television broadcasting are so wide that they allow you to promote goods / services in dozens of ways. Advertising on TV is classified into several main types:

  • The target audience;

  • Budget;

  • Broadcasting region;

  • Timing of the video;

  • Brand;

  • Number of exits per day/week/month;

  • broadcast period.



Media studies have proven that the cost of contact when placing advertising on TV channels is much lower than the cost of placement in other media. With a qualitative distribution of the budget and planning an advertising strategy, it is possible to meet any budget from 100,000 rubles. and achieve maximum return on investment.

What information is needed to calculate the cost?

The cost of advertising on television depends on the selected type, duration, TV channel, program rating and broadcast time.



Our agency MOSreklama provides services for selecting the best option, taking into account all the features of a particular product, product or service. We understand that the risk of throwing the advertising budget down the drain will be great if you do not approach the issue of placing an advertising video when launching a TV campaign, careful planning of the budget and creativity in detail. An individual approach to each advertising campaign on TV is the key to the success of our clients, and as a result, the preservation of our reputation. We try to use all the potential opportunities when placing advertising on television:

Working with us, you not only get the maximum number of discounts, but also significantly win in the budget.

  • Wide coverage (Up to tens of millions of people if a federal channel is selected);

  • Comprehensive impact on the audience (Thoughtful sound and visual special effects);

  • Image advertising (Our goal: to create consumer confidence in your company and make the client want to re-apply to you);

  • Targeting (We carefully segment the target audience by geography, age, gender, interests and other criteria);

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