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Outdoor advertising agency in Moscow


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Advertising on payphones


Advertising on supersites

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Advertising on city boards

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Advertising on brand mobiles

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Placement on billboards

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Accommodation at Prismavision

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Advertising on the benches

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Advertising on firewalls

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Banner advertising

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Advertising in city format

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Bus stop advertising

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Placement of outdoor advertising in Moscow

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of potential consumers to certain goods or services. Our advertising agency has been doing this for a long time, and all our customers are satisfied with mutually beneficial cooperation. This type of advertising is striking in its species diversity and the emergence of new ways to demonstrate it. Everything that is aimed at attracting your attention, from posters at bus stops to large-scale media facades and supersites in high-traffic areas, rightfully belongs to outdoor advertising. It is due to its diversity that outdoor advertising is able to perform a number of important business tasks, in particular:

  • image formation - the placement of outdoor advertising, which is a surface of large formats, indicates the solidity of the company, creates the image of a reliable and successful company;

  • activation of sales - dissemination of information about discounts, promotions, bonuses, etc.;

  • information content - messages about the upcoming holding of various events: concerts, exhibitions, performances, etc.;

  • an auxiliary function is to support the main advertising direction with numerous advertisements on external media.

First of all, outdoor advertising is one of the few ways to find a potential client among those who rarely watch TV or read the press. It was created for active and busy people who spend a lot of time in the city, including in car "toffee". An equally significant plus is geographic targeting, i.e. placement of outdoor advertising in front of the target audience. Also noteworthy is the indicative nature of certain types of outdoor advertising.
And most importantly, almost all types of outdoor advertising, unlike the same television commercials or radio inserts, work 24 hours a day, while having a relatively low cost. If you need to place an effective, memorable advertisement, our specialists will definitely will help. We deal with all types of outdoor advertising and are ready to offer you the most extraordinary and interesting solutions for any of your tasks by placing advertising materials on standard outdoor advertising structures, such as 3x6m billboards, 5x12m and 5x15m supersites, superboards 4×12 m, digital billboards and digital supersites, media facades, pillars, pylons, scrollers, stops, signs, etc., and using non-standard alternative solutions.




15 years in the advertising services market

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We work throughout Russia


Individual selection for all types of advertising media



Online system for selecting advertising structures



Favorable discount system for our customers


We place outdoor advertising on a turnkey basis


We work with many owners of advertising surfaces


We refund the difference if you find a price for accommodation below ours

Our close cooperation with numerous owners of advertising surfaces and hundreds of contracting companies guarantees you the placement of advertising in the most successful places in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, as well as throughout Russia. Among the proposed objects of outdoor advertising in a wide variety of formats, you will definitely find the ideal options for the planned marketing campaign in order to get the maximum advertising effect.

Agency "MOSREKLAMA" provides a full range of services related to the placement of outdoor advertising - from design development to maintaining its proper appearance. You just need to tell us the desired type of advertising structure and the area of its location - we are ready to take care of all the other nuances. Moreover, we are aware of the modern value of time, so we give you the opportunity to order outdoor advertising right now.

Thanks to a convenient search filter and the ability to sort positions by type and location, you can easily find a suitable option in the widest list of available advertising structures. A few more clicks - and in the near future our manager will contact you to clarify all the details. We save your time! You know where your advertisement should be. We know how to post it!

* Details of the action "Find cheaper - we will refund the difference" 
* For details of the promotion "10% for an online order", ask the sales staff.


What determines the cost of advertising

The larger and more developed in terms of infrastructure the area where outdoor advertising is placed, the greater part of the population will be interested in it and, as a result, will bring profit. Each customer should know that the cost of placing outdoor advertising depends on factors such as location, type of media (advertisement, billboard, signboard, banner, signs), period of placement.

The most popular in terms of price-reach ratio are banners and billboards. They are perfectly visible from a long distance, and are also well remembered. In order for the object to be seen by as many people as possible, it should be located either in the most crowded place, or, if the advertisement is thematic, in a specialized place. At the same time, the cost of the advertising placement service is appropriate.

In Moscow, thanks to the many millions of residents and guests, it is possible to popularize the necessary object as quickly as possible - the main thing is to turn to professionals and order the desired advertising structure.

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