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Voice robot

The cheapest auto-dialing is 4 kopecks/sec.
Will call tens of thousands of contacts in a few hours, send warm leads to CRM or connect with a manager who did not answer, call back, generate a report.


If  the task is


Tell about the product

or services to those who do not know about you yet

00:00 / 00:23

Report order status

dispatch, delivery to the address, amount of payment

00:00 / 00:10

Call cold bases

with low contact and generate leads

00:00 / 00:09

Tell about the promotion

discounts, bonuses, make a special offer

00:00 / 00:11

Invite to the conference

or remind about the start of the webinar

00:00 / 00:15

Calculate loyal customers

ready to buy your service or product right now

00:00 / 00:13
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Use auto redial service


Record an audio clip, upload the database in Excel format, start auto-dialing.




The robot will ring 25,000 contacts in six hours or less. The speed of automatic calling changes.


The robot will transfer warm clients to managers or move them to CRM , who will not answer will call back.

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8 reasons to choose Autodialer


The cloud robot is launched from the browser

The Auto Dialer service does not need to be downloaded and installed. The autoinformer program works from the browser, and the data is stored in the cloud. If you have already registered with the service, go to the site and log in to start auto-dialing.


Will ring 25,000 contacts in 6  hours

The speed of auto-calling by the robot depends on the number of lines, which can be easily increased. So, the robot will make a voice mailing to 25,000 contacts via 25 lines in 6 hours, and 1000 contacts will ring through 5 lines in 2 hours.


Will take into account the region and time zone of the client

Add clients from Khabarovsk to Moscow to a single auto-dialing list. The robot will call them within the set range, for example, from 9 am to 7 pm


Integrated with amoCRM and Bitrix24

You no longer need to reload contact databases from one system to another and delete duplicates. Auto dialing is already integrated with running CRM. The robot will call the cold database and send warm leads to CRM, creating a deal with a task.


Will process 100% of numbers

The robot will get through to everyone who did not pick up the phone, and will not miss a single client. Those interested will be transferred to specialists or created a task to call back in CRM if the subscriber did not answer.


The lowest price on the market is 4 kop./sec.

The cost will not change when transferring a call to an operator or a group of specialists. Unlike other services, where a double tariff is activated during a live conversation.


Play audio to the client while waiting

If the robot gets through to the client, and the operator has not finished the conversation yet, so that the person does not hang up, the robot will play a sound file to him. And, as soon as the operator is free, he will connect.


The results of the call will be issued in a report

In the report after the call, you will see four categories of customers: 1 - they pressed the button, 2 - they did not listen to the end, 3 - they listened to the end, but did not respond, 5 - they did not pick up the phone.

With auto-dialing business grows faster.


You can always switch to the full version of Auto Call by expanding the functionality.

We will send you an SMS with a registration code

After registration, we will credit 10 rubles to your account for five test calls.

By clicking on the "Order Auto Call" button, you consent to the processing of personal data.

How much is  auto-dialing

You pay only for voice calls per second. There is no subscription fee. When transferring to managers, the cost will not change. Unlike others  services where the price doubles with the switch to a live conversation.

  • Playing a video of any length

  • Conversation with the operator inside the service

Client  case

00:00 / 00:16

Robot sells  web service

Call ~2.5 thousand logistics companies and find out the need for leads, in order to offer interested web services after the call to find customers.

1.5 hours

the call lasted







1000 r.


20 p.

lead price

Auto call selected

companies from 25+ industries

  • Logistics companies

  • Call centers

  • Collection agencies

  • Real estate agency

  • Event agencies

  • Credit organizations

  • Survey Companies

  • Beauty Salons

  • Medical centers

  • Online shopping

  • Large retailers

  • Fitness centers

  • Delivery Services

  • Insurance companies

  • Marketplaces

  • Telecom operators

  • Travel companies

  • Airlines

  • Banks

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Taxi, etc.

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will replace 200 operators

Works 24/7/365 at any time of the day without training, salary, sick leave and holidays. See for yourself.

We will send you an SMS with a registration code

After registration, we will credit 10 rubles to your account for five test calls.

By clicking on the "Start the robot" button, you consent to the processing of personal data.

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One robot

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