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In Moscow, we are one of the few agencies that brings together high-level specialists from around the world. Advertising agency "MOS ADVERTISING " is a highly qualified specialist with knowledge of modern techniques and, accordingly, their business. For example, our copyright department is formed from teachers of large schools for neuro-linguistic programming. Designers have an excellent understanding of the psychology of color and can easily accentuate for a better perception of a particular marketing campaign. I don’t even want to talk about PR, until we signed a contract with an employee from a high school of PR, he was not in Moscow. Our understanding of advertising is very different from that of many agencies, and our main goal is to make the right advertising, while saving your budget and choosing a service that will tell the most about your product, service or product.

The main principles of our strategy are creativity, which every employee of an advertising agency should have . Our goal is to make your advertising effective! Here you will find all the necessary advertising services, and for regular customers with a significant discount.



Mazikov Valentin

Frequently asked Questions
  • С чего мне начать?
    Для начала оставьте заявку здесь или наберите по номеру телефона +7 9999 21 23 02
  • Какие рекламные услуги я могу заказать?
    Вы можете заказать следующие рекламные услуги: Заказать рекламу: сайта, в интернете (Google, Яндекс) контекстная, таргетированная , в социальных сетях ( Instagram, YouTube, В контакте, Facebook, Tik Tok ) Также можете воспользоваться услугой по производству роликов и заказать для них размещение рекламы или продвижение на любой из вышеуказанных площадках или на телевидении.
  • Какая стоимость услуг?
    Стоимость рекламных услуг варьируется, т.к. у каждой компании имеется свой рекламный бюджет. Мы проконсультируем и поможем подобрать Вам оптимальную рекламную кампанию по Вашему бюджету, для начала оставьте заявку на сайте. Нам необходимо понимать, какая реклама окажется для Вашего бизнеса оптимально выгодной и успешной.
  • Вы работаете по договору?
    Да, мы не нарушаем законодательство и договорные отношения. Работаем только по договору со всеми без исключения.
  • Как мне передать свои пожелания по дизайну или рекламе?
    Не переживайте, мы об этом позаботились! Перед началом сотрудничества Вы заполните небольшой бриф для выявления всех характеристик(цвет,дизайн,бюджет и т.д)
  • С какими бюджетами вы работаете?
    Мы работаем с любыми бюджетами, но для нас важно что бы услуга была максимально эффективной. Свяжитесь с менеджером по телефону +7 9999 21 23 02 и мы подберем оптимальный тариф по Вашему бюджету

The most important indicator of an effective full-cycle advertising agency is a team of creative professionals who work on the advertising campaign of their clients as on their own.

We present you our Advertising Services:

  • Creation and SEO promotion of sites, landing pages, corporate resources and online stores.

  • Advertising in social networks, as well as the best departments for placing and selling advertising material. Only we provide a full video report on the work done;

  • Media buying department - prompt purchase of advertising space for your needs;

  • Creative department dealing with branding, design and naming;

  • Advertising on the Internet, website development and promotion, targeted, contextual, banner, teaser, as well as viral and video advertising. Every second we bring more than 3,000 target visitors to the sites and social networks of our clients;

  • All advertising projects are run by different managers. This guarantees that your advertising campaign will be controlled as efficiently as possible. Creation and promotion of sites, landing pages and online stores.


"MOSREKLAMA" offers its customers to increase traffic, expand the range of services and goods, reach the audience, new buyers and visitors, as well as customers in any area of ​​business, to become more popular and more in demand in the demand market, using the services and efforts of our advertising agencies. Our full-cycle advertising agency is engaged in the creation, maintenance and implementation of complex advertising campaigns, placing high-quality and creative advertising on the Internet, television, social networks. In general, on completely different media. Depending on the goal and task set, our managers will always select the best options for the development strategy and placement of advertising information, help to reduce budgets, achieving the highest possible performance.




According to statistics, a large share, which is 52% of the advertising market, is occupied by advertising on television and radio, and about 15% is advertising in newspapers and glossy magazines, 16% is outdoor advertising of various types and 17% is the worldwide Internet. These indicators, of course, are constantly changing (Internet placement in these proportions is constantly growing), so we recommend approaching advertising with a complex, using the most appropriate advertising resources and tools to attract the target audience.

The full-cycle advertising agency MosReklama has been operating in the Moscow market for over 20 years. During this time, we have accumulated unique experience in creating, producing and placing advertisements, have developed a large number of our own effective methods, as well as campaigns and turnkey marketing strategies.



  • QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY. Placing advertisements on different media;

  • Our team includes 6 departments for working with partners and clients, a separate department for naming, branding, online advertising and promotion;

  • The advertising agency employs only experienced and creative professionals who are able to solve any set and creative task;

  • Affordable and advertising prices, an integrated approach to the campaign;

  • An individual solution to each task set by the client.

Clients of Mos Reklama agency Well-known restaurateurs, large and successful companies in Moscow. WE ARE TRUSTED. The main goal in the provision of advertising services is to create a project preparation process as fast and comfortable as possible for the client. Tell our managers about the specifics of your project and MOSREKLAMA employees will calculate the cost of your project, develop a unique and effective action plan to attract the attention of unique visitors to your company.


What can we afford?

  • We take a reward after reaching the goal. After completing the call plan and selling the goods and services of your company.


Thinking about increasing your sales? Does your business need a leap forward? We know what kind of advertising your business needs as a lifeline. Leave a request on the site and our professionals will quickly find the right solution for your request. You need to order a full range of advertising services in our advertising agency, and you can read about us in the media .

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